The roundtable meetings held by the Raj Reddy Center have brought out a few standard whitepapers. The papers compiles all the important broad themes which came up or were discussed during the meeting by every panelist from their own expert areas. The papers also have set down the panel details invited for each of the roundtables.

The State of Rural School Education Systems Post-Pandemic on 21st July, 2021

Last mile in Healthcare - Opportunities, Challenges and Technologies on 23rd Dec, 2021

New Education Policy (NEP) and the opportunity for Technology Interventions on 29th Oct, 2021

Roundtable on CSR Funding for Social Change on 23rd Feb, 2022

Sustain and Support Operating Healthcare Infrastructures to reach the Last Mile on 27th April, 2022

Roundtable meeting on Common Education Data Models for Schools on 6th July, 2022