The Raj Reddy Center organizes roundtable conferences to get an understanding of the top-down view of problem areas identified with the Ngos. This space has evolved to be one of the good models of knowledge transfer, peer group networking and building new ecosystem connections. The conferences have contributed in releasing few good quality whitepapers summarizing crucial points on all the broad topics discussed.

Role & Impact of Emerging AI Technologies in School Education for Effective Implementation of NEP 2020

The Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS), a research translation center in IIIT Hyderabad with a focus towards creating technology solutions to societal issues has been working towards developing solutions to fast-track the implementation of the national education policy (NEP) 2020. As part of this, we have organised a closed-door brainstorming roundtable meeting on “Role and Impact of AI Technology in School Education for Effective Implementation of NEP 2020”, calling in key members in the education and technology space such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academicians, Edu-Tech Start-ups, and corporates, to explore broadly on this topic.

Key Participants: Santhosh Gulla (CEGIS); Praveen Kumar (Room to Read); Surya Prabha Vadlamani (Centific Global Solutions); Nithin Sharma (Qualcomm) and 8 more.

13th March, 2024
Roundtable on AI in Telangana State Government System for School Education

The Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS), IIIT Hyderabad, organized a closed-door brainstorming roundtable meeting on “Artificial Intelligence in Telangana Government Education System”. The objective of this meeting was to build a picture of the current state of data capture, digitization, data analytics, and software tools used in the state education system; from relevant end users and key collaborators such as teachers, headmasters, school complex heads, MEOs, DEOs, Government department liaisons, and grassroots NGOs.

Key Participants: P. Sushendra Rao (DEO Ranga Reddy), N. Rajesh (DEO Sanga Reddy), V. Srinivas (MEO Kothapalli Mandal, Karimnagar dist), Srinivas Deekshithulu (MEO Boinpally, Sircilla), and more.

22th Nov, 2022
Roundtable meeting on the Common Education Data Models for Schools

The Raj Reddy Center organised a closed door roundtable meeting on ‘Common Education Data Models for Schools’. The objective of this meeting was to have a brainstorming on how to build common data models for existing demographic and education assessment data, to help with school management at every level of administration. The models developed can allow in the quantitative categorization of problems in the education space and aid the development and application of AI/emerging technologies-based solutions to problems in the education space.

Key Participants: Tanmay Mahapatra (Care India), Rohit Agarwal (Talent Sprint), SreeLakshmi Reddy (Key Stone Foundation), Venkatesh Datla (Creya Learning), Kiran Ng (Infosys Springboard), Sandeep Kavety (ConveGenius), Mahadevan NV (TCS-ION), Raj Janagam (AIC-IIITH) and few others.

06th July, 2022
The New Education Policy (NEP) and the Opportunity for Technology Interventions

Another roundtable meeting on ‘New Education Policy (NEP) & Opportunity for Technology Interventions’ was conducted by the center. The meeting was to understand the New Education policy more comprehensively, identify challenges in its implementation, and explore the possibilities to build solutions for its implementation at the grassroots.

Key Participants: Sridhar Rao, DEO; Vinoda Kailas, Navam Foundation; Akhila Nookala, Inquilab; and others

29th October, 2021
The State of Rural School Education Systems Post-Pandemic

The first roundtable in Education was on ‘AI & Emerging Tech for Grassroots School Education Post-pandemic’. It was organized to uncover and deliberate on challenges faced By Children In Rural government schools. Panelists included well-known social leaders from NGOs, policy makers, grassroot educators, social scientists, AI researchers and social innovators.

Key Participants: IAS Naveen Mittal; Ramji Raghavan, Founder Agastya International Foundation; A N Ramachandra, Ex Joint Commissioner at NVS; and others

21st July, 2021