Our Focus

The problems faced by the bottom of the societal pyramid are huge and need solutions that can scale to poor billions without impacting nature and its resources. Hence, sustainability and scalability will be our key concerns in all engagements at the Center.

Two broad themes that the center will pursue:

Innovation in Education that would bring high quality and high relevance education and training to the marginalized sections. Specific educational engagements such as designing appropriate pedagogy, creating innovative courseware, instituting teaching fellowships, etc., would be mandates of the center. Initial themes may include local language technology to improve rural education, adaptive learning models for middle schools, trade-specific skills through the mobile, etc. Leveraging AI and other emerging research to enable and empower those on the wrong side of the digital divide will be the primary focus.


Innovations in rural healthcare that will help bring NGOs, who are bringing serious impact on the ground but their access to latest research is very minimal to unlimit their scale of amplification. Specific engagements such as creating a platform to improve monitoring of rural patients remotely; designing tools to help in frontline education and training of healthcare staff attendants like, faster and self-learning tools for medical professionals; managing datasets to predict situations before it aggravates; etc.


Technology solutions for Bottom of the pyramid – Creating solutions and products for those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid will be the other major focus of the center’s activities. This will involve applying cutting-edge technologies to improve their livelihood, skills, etc. Initial themes may include solutions to improve access to health, food, water, etc., for the rural and poor population.