Roundtable: AI in TS Government System for School Education

The Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS), IIIT Hyderabad, organized a closed-door brainstorming roundtable meeting on “Artificial Intelligence in Telangana Government Education System”. The objective of this meeting was to build a picture of the current state of data capture, digitization, data analytics, and software tools used in the state education system; from relevant end users and key collaborators such as teachers, headmasters, school complex heads, MEOs, DEOs, Government department liaisons, and grassroots NGOs.

Roundtable: Common Education Data Models for Schools

A closed door roundtable meeting was organised on ‘Common Education Data Models for Schools’. The objective of this meeting was to have a brainstorming on how to build common data models for existing demographic and education assessment data, to help with school management at every level of administration. The models developed can allow in the quantitative categorization of problems in the education space and aid the development and application of AI/emerging technologies-based solutions to problems in the education space.

Chaupal: The Power of One!!

Goonj, along with IIITH-RCTS had organised Chaupal event celebrating their 23 years of togetherness. Starting with the founder of Goonj, Anshu Gupta, we had a panel of speakers, discussing on the power of one. May 15th, 2022 from 10:30am at IIIT Hyderabad Campus.

Building ICU and Critical Care Capacity for Poor in India

The Compassionate Patient Response (CPR) group in partnership with IIITH's Raj Reddy Center (RCTS) had conducted a Symposium on 'Building ICU and Critical Care capacity for Poor in India.' The objective of the Symposium is to discuss the challenges and seek solutions in building ICU and Critical care in not-for-profit hospitals in urban & semi-urban areas in India to make them self-sustainable. 27th April, Wednesday from 5:30pm at 105 Himalaya, IIIT Hyderabad.

Annual Conference on Technology and Society

Technology has created an interdependency with society, where each factor greatly affects the other, starting with human societies and resulting in the development of different technologies to meet the needs of the society. The Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society, IIIT Hyderabad is organising Annual Conference on Technology and Society. The first edition of the conference will be held along with the formal inauguration of the Center. February 23rd, 2022, 2:00pm | KRB auditorium, IIIT Hyderabad.

New Education Policy (NEP) & the opportunity for Technology interventions

Another roundtable meeting on ‘New Education Policy (NEP) & Opportunity for Technology Interventions’ was organized on 29th of October, 2021. The meeting was to understand the New Education policy more comprehensively, identify challenges in its implementation, and explore the possibilities to build solutions for its implementation at the grassroots.

Technology to address the last mile in healthcare

The first roundtable on Healthcare was about ‘Technology to Address the Last Mile in Healthcare’ organized on 23rd Sep, 2021. Grassroot healthcare, especially in rural settings, is a hard problem. Even as governments continue to invest in PHCs and other structures, actual on-ground availability of care is very minimal. This roundtable was to table the prevailing challenges, and explore possibilities to build new models and technology-powered-solutions to address this gap in rural healthcare.

Roundtable meeting on AI & Emerging Tech for Grassroots school education post-pandemic

The first roundtable in Education was on ‘AI & Emerging Tech for Grassroots school education post-pandemic’. It was organized on 6th July, 2021 to uncover and deliberate on challenges faced By Children In Rural government schools. Panelists included well-known social leaders from NGOs, policy makers, grassroot educators, social scientists, AI researchers and social innovators.