IIITH explores AI-driven Education Data Models for Schools

A IIITH Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS) curated Roundtable on ‘Common Education Data Models for Schools’ brought together key stakeholders in the largely unwieldy education sector. They were tasked with the quantitative categorization of problems with the end view of building AI/emerging technologies-based solutions to specific issues.

Deliberations On Last Mile Connectivity For Healthcare

A roundtable meeting on problems that plague critical care centres especially in rural areas saw experts from various fields coming together to brainstorm on possible solutions. To identify gaps and explore possibilities to sustain and support the existing infrastructures through building critical care centres with skilled healthcare frontline workers and other technology powered solutions.

IIITH’s Newest IoT Lab Lets You Conduct Real Science Experiments Remotely

Remember the popular high school Chemistry experiment where a glass rod immersed in oil seems to ‘magically’ disappear while the same one in water doesn’t? Now, imagine testing this out and other similar scientific experiments in real while being in another geographical location. IIITH’s Remote Triggered Lab shows just how.

Raj Reddy Center: Where Technology, Innovation And Impact Converge

A thought-provoking conclave of great minds drawing from the government, industry, academia, non-profit sector and many others fittingly marked the inaugural Conference on Science and Technology at the formal unveiling of the Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society. For those who missed it, here’s a brief roundup of what transpired.

IIITH To Develop Early Oral Cancer Screening Tool

The automated solution, arising out of a collaborative effort with Grace Cancer Foundation and BioCon Foundation, requires just a smart phone. It aims to flag abnormal oral lesions before they progress into advanced stages of cancer

AI to catalyze technology-driven social change in rural India

IIITH’s Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS) is leading the way toward a tech-savvy rural India. A think-tank is going glocal, percolating the essence of emerging technologies in public health and grassroot education, to solve societal problems at the base of the socio-economic pyramid.

Mapping An Industry-Academia Collab Via Tech Clusters

A brainstorming session with various industry heads was held at IIITH recently on challenges that exist in industry-academia partnerships, and the scope of technology clusters in dealing with them. Here’s a brief summary.

Intelligent Technology to Help India Leapfrog that Last Mile in Rural Healthcare

There’s good news in the pipeline for India’s rural healthcare system. A roundtable on ‘Technology to address the last mile in Healthcare’, hosted by IIITH’s Raj Reddy Centre for Technology & Society, grappled with challenges in the rural Medicare system and emerged with innovative technology-based solutions.

Thought Leaders Brainstorm On Bringing Rural Students Back To School

A roundtable meeting on ‘AI & Emerging Tech for Grassroots school education post-pandemic’ was recently organised by International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) to uncover and deliberate on challenges faced by children in rural government schools.