The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad, has established the Raj Reddy Center for Technology and Society (RCTS) to celebrate and amplify the passion of Prof. Raj Reddy in education and research for the bottom of the pyramid. The Center aims for strong national and global impacts to society through technology-based solutions. It aspires to be a global hub to bring the latest research to solve societal problems. Sustainability and Scalability are the key concerns in all engagements at the Center.

What we do?

The Raj Reddy Center will take a bottom-up, problem-centred approach to leverage research and technologies in solving societal problems. It will identify a few socially relevant themes and take up projects in them to create a sequentially linked amplification of impact. It will take a wholesome view of the problem addressing all aspects, technology and otherwise, through to realising value on ground.

Broad project areas in Education

Access to knowledge for students remotely

Language tools

Metrics, measures and models for effectiveness of learning

Virtual Labs for rural govt school children

Digitizing curated set of books

Telephonic career guidance upport

Digitizing school registers

NEP Adoption projects

Broad project areas in Healthcare

Central base data collection

Developing algorithms for detecting primary health conditions

Improve remote monitoring and attending patients

Managing data sets for predicting situations

Mechanisms for measuring impact of various Interventions

Malnutrition Detection in Children

Latest Updates

Ask Agastya - access to knowledge through a non-smartphone in vernacular language
Virtual IoT labs - Now access science experiments remotely
Primary Healthcare Data collection and Medical Screening app
Crowd Sourcing of Solutions on & off the cloud
Algorithm for Oral Cancer screening through Images clicked in phone
Now track classroom attendance automatically using CV